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for ages 9-11

Developing sound literacy skills is perhaps one of the most important requirements in a child's education.

These are skills that will also make a big difference to their progress in all other areas of the curriculum.

Specialist and personal tuition can make a very big difference to your child. Watch your son or daughter become more productive and confident.
  • Are concerned about future tests and examinations.
  • Wish to investigate your child's abilities and potential.
  • Have already made up your mind that your son or daughter needs extra help.
  • Wish to ensure your child makes strong foundations in this important subject.
  • Would like an objective and impartial view of your child.

Contact Information

Mobile: 0770 921 5585
Tel:       01453 873021

Location: Stroud UK

  What to do next?
  • Call or email with some background information about your requirements.
  • Think about what times and days are convenient for you using the 'calendar' page.
  • Consider where you would like the tutoring to take place. Use the 'Location' link on the Home screen. 
  • You could then book an introductory session

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