A selection of 'Testimonials' from the last 5 years

Will Barber has taught all age groups and has received much positive feedback. One area that is often overlooked is the quality of feedback from tutors to parents. Hopefully the comments below in the right hand column will illustrate how important informing parents about their children's progress is. Other key areas are also covered in the comments below.

 Teaching Style  Motivation   Thanks  My Feedback

He wishes his teachers had the same clarity of explanation. Alastair 11+

Impressed you've identified his needs spot on so quickly, his needs lie in exactly the areas you have mentioned.  Ben Maths yr 8

Thank you Will. She was quite nervous yesterday, but you were great with her. The plural sheet looks fun- thanks for that. Hope 11+

You're absolutely right re focus and chatting.....Tom has excellent concentration skills.  Your suggested approach sounds perfect. Tom 11+

Hugo thought you were 'awesome!' and is as keen as mustard to do some more non verbal reasons quizzes-you obviously made a good impression!!  Hugo 11+ 

I am particularly pleased that Sam, who was quite resistant to the idea, comes out of lessons very positive.  Sam y9 Maths

Raj learned well in a pleasant and relaxed environment, and clearly benefited from being tutored.  Raj 11+

Tyler thoroughly enjoyed it and liked you, he is looking forward to his first lesson.  We have started with the word bank already! He loved 'befuddled', which is the first word card. Tyler 11+

Thanks for your help in building Sadie's confidence and ability this past year.Sadie y5 Maths 

The relaxed environment helps and not making lessons too stressful Elliott Year 7 English

Good, clear explanations. Good understanding and friendly manner. Raj 11+

He is not just learning but also gaining confidence in his abilities, so thank you very much for all that you are doing. Sam 11+

We both liked your approach and your integrity. A rare breed of 'being' in this modern world.  Jalaal y5 Maths

Thanks for all your help and work with Joe. I am sure you have increased Joe's chances far beyond what we could have done.  Joe 11+

The timed word game sounds brilliant! he is really enjoying your sessions, so that's brilliant, thank you.  Tom 11+

Amy is loving coming to the sessions so far. She considers it a real privilege. She is wanting to do the work which is good. Amy 11+

Fraser is now aware again that learning can be fun, working in a calm, encouraging environment, with humour thrown in. y6 Maths English Science

Tom enjoyed his session, it doesn't feel like work to him which is great!  Tom 11+

Thanks Will, can't tell you how much he enjoys the sessions! Have a good half term. Devon 11+ 

Beth is very happy to come and seems to enjoy it too which is great. Beth 11+

Sam enjoyed his last lesson. I think he has benefited from his lessons in many ways, Sam y9 Maths

Just to let you know, Devon thought the session was really FUN his words Devon 11+

John really seemed to have a good time with you on Tuesday - thank you so much for your good ideas! John y8 Science

Joe has enjoyed your lessons enormously and it has been a very positive experience for him. Joe year 11 Maths 


Thank you for Sam's tutorial and for letting me sit in.  Sam enjoyed his lesson and is looking forward to next week. Sam 11+

Thank you for tonight, lola's loving it.   Lola 11+

As a result of your approach, this subject became interesting  and very enjoyable. Joe Maths y11 GCSE

Really enjoyed his time with you! I know I shouldn't be surprised, but after a long school day, I was a little concerned. Matt  11+

Just letting you know that he passed his 11+!!! Thanks for helping him. Alb 11+

He enjoyed the sessions and learned a lot very quickly! It is good value, well worth the cost. Raj 11+

It was good to meet you yesterday too. I did ask Amy and she gave a thumbs up! Amy 11

We are really keen for Tom's tuition to be a means of extending his knowledge and learning and not just as a vehicle for him to pass an exam, Tom 11+

Many thanks for Hugo's lesson - he really found it valuable. Hugo Maths GCSE

Thank you for help and patience. Theo was successful in getting into Marling and Crypt.  We couldn't have done it without you. Theo 11+

He says there was nothing in it he hadn’t seen before and the format was very similar indeed to the mock tests he’s done with you – so you can have a gold star!  Jim 11+

He says he recognised all the types of questions asked, which is great. Thanks for your work on this. Harrison 11+

She was full of learning when you went, we seemed to have had a breakthrough with her reading too. Holly. Maths and English

We are all feeling very positive about Tutoring and Alasdair came out very excited about the prospect. Alastair 11+

Many thanks indeed for your help with Daisy over the Christmas holidays - it was a great support for all of us! Daisy 13+

Thank you so much for feeding back so promptly on his first session with you. He was very +ve about the experience with you. Alastair 11+

Thank you for the email. It sounds like she is coming along very well with your tuition. Charlotte 11+.

Thanks for the update. Harry said that he really enjoyed it and there was no reservation about going back so it all looks positive. Harry 11+

Thanks for the feedback. Both girls enjoyed your sessions and want to continue.. Hariet 11+

Found the website you listed Will, great, we will do that every morning from now on...he seems motivated. Matt 11+

Thanks for the link to the radio programme, very interesting. Tom 11+

Thank you so much for your time, concern and explanations, we both think that some time with you might help him gain a more solid grounding for the future.  Matt 11+

Thanks for the feedback. She came out feeling really positive about the session. Really helpful. Thanks. Esm KS4 Maths

The quality of feedback from me (phone, in person, email) ? Very good, and extremely valuable. Raj 11+

Thank you for your weekly emails which are useful and also nice to read. Beth 11+

Thank you too for your feedback which was helpful to know. Daisy 13+

It is encouraging to hear that you think his engagement is more positive than we feared. John y8 Science

Thanks for the feedback. Reading age of 11 is very promising. Elliott year 7 English

Thanks for that information. I think it summarises well where we thought he was at. Tadhg 11+

Should you wish to have a reference or speak to a customer that can be arranged too.