Tutoring Information

StroudTutor.com                                             Tutoring Information and Agreement:                 

this document has important information outlining the role of the tutor and the parents

General Philosophy:  The tutoring is very much organised in partnership with parents, informing them in emails about progress, areas of difficulties and the sort of input beyond the tutoring that may be required at home to achieve any goals. Examples of weekly and more detailed termly feedback emails are found on my website www.willbarber.co.uk. Feedback is the area where my tutoring would differ from most others I believe.

 Frequency of sessions:  I have found sessions of 45 minutes to be the most productive from experience. There are about 10-12 lessons per term; either weekly or alternate weeks. Usually there are gaps of 1 to 2 weeks for holidays, and in Summer Holiday time there are mock exams but not regular lessons.

 Worksheets: I produce resources for each lesson (usually a maths and literacy sheet per session) and pupils take these sheets home. Areas of difficulty are annotated to help parents, and they are also useful as an aid to revision. It is requested that parents do not share these resources. I do not email master copies of sheets, but will give copies if lessons are missed.

 Homework Formal homework is not set but I might recommend work to help pupils, and children who have some parental involvement and good work routines do progress more quickly. Any resources I have or know about that may help (internet and books) I will let you have. Holiday homework is not set. 

 Payment: Due to some difficulties collecting payment, payment is now required in advance for each half-term period. The price is £27 for a 45 minute session (a small increase I’m afraid, the first for 4 years). Cash, BACS, cheques are all fine.  Acct: W J Barber.  Number: 00318***. Sort Code: 55-61-31. A suitable reference is needed.

 Cancellation and Illness:  Free cancellation can be made in the first 3 weeks of the year. Beyond that refunds are not given for cancellations and illness* and I will include any missed worksheets and check understanding in subsequent lessons. I hope cancellations on my part due to illness or other circumstances will be rare; they have been so far!   

* Any more serious illness beyond 1 consecutive session will be refunded though

 Location and Contacts: My website www.willbarber.co.uk has links and maps to the locations where tuition takes place. You can call or email me on wb@stroudtutor.com or call/text me on 0770 921 5585. I need mobile and landline phone contacts of all parents or guardians, and email addresses too. In the unlikely event of an emergency then it is quite important that I can get hold of someone.

 Discussions about Tutees: I often can’t have conversations straight after tuition as I will be often be starting the next session promptly with another pupil. If you really need a chat in person perhaps call or talk at the start of a session. If you want a frank discussion about your child it is also best done without him or her present.

 Arriving late: If you are late for a lesson some of the session may have to be missed, especially if I have subsequent pupils after you. Should the time of the session be causing problems then please tell me and I will try to change it.

 Examinations: I will of course endeavour to help pupils achieve their best ‘potential’, however no ‘pass’ guarantees can be offered, even when a pupil is felt to be a strong candidate. There is always an unknown element to exams.

 Terminating Tuition:  Tuition can be stopped at any time, although no refund will be given for the half term block that is paid for. Although unlikely, I also reserve the right to cancel tuition, where refunds would naturally be paid.

 Experience (and other Information):  My website www.willbarber.co.uk has links to information about tutoring, testimonials, my professional experience, amongst other things.

 CRB and Child Protection:   My last CRB enhanced certificate is on my website. It is an older one due to the costs of updating each year  Should you wish to be with your son or daughter during any session please feel free though.

It is really important you feel comfortable leaving them, especially at the start of tuition.

 Parking and Waiting: There is enough space to park and turn a car around in my drive, if people park sensibly. I have no waiting area inside my house I am afraid, but waiting in the car on the drive is fine if you wish.

 Testimonials: I sometimes use quotes taken from emails that I may publish to my website. Only first names are used, no emails addresses are stated and no-one is identifiable. If you would not be happy for any comments that you may write to be used then please let me know.

 Tutoring Contract: This document at present is the only one I distribute that outlines my role as the tutor and yours as the tutee/parent. To ensure everyone is happy it is important that you mention any queries or concerns early on, and then they can be dealt with quickly.  Please print, sign below and return it to complete the registration process.