Tutoring Information

StroudTutor.com                  Tutoring Information:                 updated July 2016

General Philosophy:  The tutoring is very much organised in partnership with parents, informing them as to their children’s progress, areas of difficulties and the sort of input beyond the tutoring that may be required. This is especially important with the recently introduced CEM 11+ exam. If you are unhappy about anything please tell me; that way I will be more likely to improve the service in future.

Experience (and other Information):  My website www.willbarber.co.uk has links to information about tutoring, my professional experience, the locations where tuition takes place, CRB documents, amongst other things.

Frequency of sessions

There are about 10-12 lessons per term, and most sessions are weekly. Gaps of 1 to 2 weeks are in the holidays, and in Summer there are mock exams. However there are some children I see on alternate weeks to keep costs down or if parents are keen to work with them. This also can be good for more able and independent children.It also allows me to see more pupils.

Worksheets: I produce and provide resources (usually a maths and literacy sheet per session) for most lessons and allow pupils to take these sheets home for personal use an an aid to revision and also to allow parents to see progress in each subject. These build up into a useful summary of the course, both for 11+ and also year 5-6 numeracy and literacy schoolwork. It is requested that parents do not share these resources. At times I will email work too. I do not email master copies of most sheets as a precaution against course materials becoming distributed and out of my control.

Reporting Progress and Homework:  I email, usually each week with comments on progress and work covered, and any suggestions for work that may need extra help at  home. I will try to respond quickly to questions and concerns sent by email.

 Formal homework is not set but I might recommend work to help pupils, and children who have some parental involvement and good work routines do progress more quickly. Any resources I have or know about that may help (internet and books) I will let you have. Work at school that is causing (or has caused) problems would be useful to know about. I may recommend at times that customers should buy certain publications.

 Holiday homework is not set formally, and I will not prepare extra sheets above the normal ones used in paid sessions for holidays. I will however advise parents as to publications available and the sort of work that should be helpful.

Payment:  The price is presently £25 for a 45 minute session. Sometimes a longer period may be planned if time is felt to be insufficient to achieve aims. Where an hour is agreed  that is usually £30. I am happy to accept cash, BACS, cheques either on the day of tuition or in advance. Paying for more sessions at a time can help but I will leave it up to you. For BACS my bank details are:  Acct Name: W J Barber.   Number: 00318736. Sort Code: 55-61-31. Please use a suitable reference so I can track payments in my statements.

Contacts and Location:  I will need mobile phone contacts of all parents or guardians, and main email addresses too. In the unlikely event of an emergency then it is quite important that I can get hold of someone. My website www.willbarber.co.uk has links and maps to the locations where tuition takes place. You can call or email me on wb@stroudtutor.com or call/text me on 0770 921 5585. My website also has these details. I hope you will understand that I usually can’t have conversations straight after tuition as I will be often be starting the next session promptly with another pupil. If you really need a chat in person perhaps call or talk at the start of a session. If you want a frank discussion about your child it is also best done without him or her present.

Illness and arriving late:  Occasional illness would not be charged for although where a hall is hired for tuition there is a nominal charge of £5 to cover costs. Generally notice should be given as early as possible please. Frequent absences may need discussing. Cancellations not to do with illness may require payment. I hope cancellations on my part due to illness or other circumstances will be rare. I am afraid sheets will not be emailed or provided for unpaid and missed lessons.

If you are late for a lesson some of the session may have to be missed, especially if I have subsequent pupils after you. Should the time of the session be causing problems then please tell me and I will try to change it. Being a little flexible on time can help make this easier for all parents.

Examinations: I will of course endeavour to help pupils achieve their best ‘potential’ result in any exam they are working towards, however it should be noted that no guarantees can be offered, even when a pupil is felt to be a strong candidate. There is always an unknown element to examinations that can cause unexpected results. I will of course try to give timely warnings and advice to pupils and parents about any topic areas that could affect the success of any exam.

Holidays: The sessions take place during school term time, usually  5 to 6 sessions per half term, with 1 week’s break during half term holidays and 2-3 weeks Christmas and Easter. In summer holidays I will be available for some ‘summer school’ sessions and mock examinations which usually prove popular and useful. I envisage potentially 30-40 weeks of sessions are available in any one academic year.

Times of Sessions:  Sometimes the time required for a pupil may alter which can mean that the times for all sessions in that evening could be changed a little. I will try to minimise the impact of this on people where possible. If the session time becomes very difficult for unforeseen reasons then let me know and I will do my best to find a new time. Equally there may be times I need to make changes, although it is a rare occurrence.

School Liaison:  I can talk to teachers in schools if you wish me to, and if they are happy to allow me contact. An idea as to what work is being covered in school, or about to be can be useful. If liaison with schools becomes unusually time consuming then a charge may be made pro-rata the hourly rate of tuition.

Cancelling Tuition:  You can stop tuition at any time, for any reason, with no charge. It is important to me that tutoring takes place only when everyone is happy to go ahead.  If you have concerns about continuing tuition then please let me know. In the same vein, if I wish to stop tuition then I also reserve the right to do so, for any reason.

CRB and Child Protection:   I have been a teacher for 20 years and full-time tutor for the last 3 years. Due to the costs of updatinbg CRB each year my CRB enhanced certificate is now out of date (2014).  Should you wish to be with your son or daughter during any session please feel free to at any time. It is really important you feel comfortable leaving them. This can also be useful if you are trying to help them in some areas and feel an idea as to the best approach would help, (especially in some Maths topics). I usually have family in the house (and a cat!) and waiting out in the car is fine.  have no waiting area in the house I am afraid.

Waiting Lists: Pupils put on a waiting list for the next academic year should be aware that sessions are usually between 4.00 and 7.00, on Monday to Thursday. Being flexible can help everyone find a slot that works for them. If parents are aware of restrictions to their times it’s a good idea to let me know sooner rather than later. If clubs conflict with available slots then sometimes a choice must be made between the club or tutoring. A waiting list is also not an absolute guarantee of a place but, as long as health and personal circumstances allow, it should be considered likely. This is I believe the same for all tutors.

Contracts: This document at present is the only one I distribute that outlines my role as the tutor and yours as the tutee/parent. I do not at present produce a formal signed contract like some tutors, although this document should be seen as taking a similar role. In practice people seem to be realistic and reasonable and I have felt so far that their has been no need for one. To ensure everyone is happy though it is important you mention any queries or concerns about this document or the tutoring early on, and then they can be dealt with quickly. Any general advice as to how to improve the service is also always welcome.

Testimonials: I sometimes use quotes taken from emails that I may publish to my website. Only first names are used, no emails addresses are stated and no-one is identifiable. If you would not be happy for any comments you may make to be used then please let me know.