VR Postal Tutoring Option  

  You have bought some materials. Your son or daughter seems to be getting on well. Like most people you would appreciate a little reassurance, perhaps just a second opinion.  If you are self-tutoring a simple postal service may be all that you need. Or it could be that you just want a little more control of finances and don't wish to make a bigger commitment yet. Later, if the need arises you can always change to face to face changes too. Why not give it a go.

  How the service works
 * An introductory 60 minute visit will be made to assess your child's ability (at cost £22.50)
 * You will receive a 40 question (half) VR paper each week through the post with instructions
 * In addition you will receive a 25 word 'key' vocabulary list for your child
 * You return the paper in the envelope provided for marking and assessment
 * You will receive an email summarising  general strengths and weaknesses
 * You may book face to face tutor sessions dependent on your child's needs.

 Benefits  Pricing
 * Reassure yourself that you are on the right track  
 * A long term financial commitment is not needed      £ 10.50  per paper (+p & p)
 * You can stop or start as your requirements change    
 * Add face to face sessions on an ad-hoc basis if you wish